It’s Yakov N Rosenberg here.

I know many of you are wondering who I am and what this is all about, so here goes…

I grew up in Monsey, NY.

Wide open spaces, lots of time spent outdoors… Attended the local, large Viznitz (Monsey) Mosdos Cheder… went up to Gibbers (Viznitz, Kiamesha) and spent close to seven years learning there (from Bar Mitzva until I got married, I learned and lived within the same four walls)…

You could say that I grew up in the systemthrived in the system and yes, loved the system

When I got engaged (no, I wasn’t 18…) and started getting ready for my wedding – something in me was awakened.

I started listening to and learning everything I could that was available in my environment, about this new stage in my life.

I was thirsty for knowledge and always looking to grow.

I got married in Montreal and started living there.

And like all of you, I faced the joys, the blessings, and the challenges that are a part of the journey called life.

I was navigating through unknown territory, decisions needed to be made and I found that the answers were not always readily available (if at all)…

Kollel… Finding my first job… (Before I started my first job as a melamed I read through literally thousands of files, listened to hours of shiurim and  continued to learn everything I could about teaching and Chinuch throughout my time there) 

Opened my own business…. Making the decision to close it…

Throughout it all, I continued learning… seeking… growing… trying to figure it all out…

I wanted to know the secrets of success.

How could I achieve financial freedom while living a truly passionate and fulfilled life?

Somewhere along the way, with lots of Hashagachah and Siyata Dishmaya, I started finding answers.

And everything changed.

I discovered tools.

I discovered strategies.

I discovered an understanding of the human mind.

And I was able to use it all to find my passion, overcome challenges and set myself up firmly on the road to success B”H.

Then I started sharing this knowledge with those close to me and observed the tremendous impact it had on their lives.

I looked around me and saw so many intelligent, talented individuals struggling in different areas of their lives.

And I knew that it was time to share the knowledge, the tools, and strategies that could help them realize the success of their dreams.

That’s when LIVE YOUR TRUE DREAM was created.

I became a Strategic Intervention Success Coach through Robbins-Madanes Training.

And I haven’t stopped learning since.

I’m always looking to find the best, PROVEN tools to help people overcome challenges and create the life of their dreams.

Yes, it’s possible. No matter what your life looks like right now.

Dreams can come true.

You can realize the SUCCESS of your dreams.

Discover how.