Me & My Relationships

It brings us the most joy… and the most pain.

Our relationships can be the source of the greatest pleasure… or the greatest pain.

It doesn’t matter how successful you may be in other areas of your life.

Mastering your relationships is crucial in order for you to be truly happy, fulfilled… and successful in life.

Relationships with: friends… family… co-workers… parents… in-laws… siblings… children… spouses…

Sometimes it may seem that the closer the relationship is, the more complicated it gets.

It tends to be so much easier to get along with casual friends or co-workers than with our nearest and dearest.

Why is it this way?

The answer is simple: the closer you are to someone; the more emotionally invested you become because everything matters so much more.

Yet, it may seem like an impossible mystery.

Trying to figure out, connect with, and understand our loved ones, especially of the opposite gender (husband/wife), may seem impossible.

We’re all so different, with different wants, needs, and feelings. Not only that; but what works in one relationship can be a disaster in a different one!

It’s true we’re all very different, but at the same time, we’re very much the same.

On a basic level, all human beings operate on the same principles, it’s how we’re created and wired.

Once you understand how we’re the same and how we’re different, AND with the right strategies and tools; then the relationship of your dreams is is no longer an impossible dream.

Think for a minute.

Think back to a moment in time when the world seemed wide open to you, full of opportunity… Maybe during your teenage years, or before you got married…

You were full of hopes, dreams, and visions of what life would be like…

Remember those dreams?

Today, they may seem far away… unrealistic…  or maybe you don’t even know what’s possible

But dreams do come true.

If you are doing well in your relationships… then you most likely want more. The growth is unlimited.

But if you aren’t, it may seem daunting, scary, even terrifying

However, if you’re reading this now, that means you have the courage, the strength, and the bravery to master your relationships.

It may just take some understanding… a small shift… one small step… for everything to change.

You can have a loving, passionate relationship with your loved ones.

One in which you all feel alive, safe and understood. One in which there’s a fire, a passion, and unimaginable pleasure

But it doesn’t happen by itself.

YOU can make it happen.

And when you do… life will never be the same again.

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